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When a man shoot’s a deer, he deserves a beer.

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When a man shoot’s a deer, he deserves a beer.Weet niet of het een bestaand spreekwoord is anders vanaf nu wel.

Vandaag zijn we vanaf North Bay (via Parry Sound) naar Huntsville gereden. Had ook rechtstreeks gekund, maar man o man, dit ritje hadden we niet willen missen.

Via de highway schiet het wel lekker op maar je ziet niks (moois). North Bay – Huntsville is rechtstreeks maar een dikke 100 km, maar wij hebben er (‘Take the long way home’) een kleine 275 van gemaakt. Maar dat was het waard, ondanks de constante regenbuien. Vooral van Parry Sound naar Huntsville via o.a Port Carling is onvergetelijk. Prachtige slingerwegen, flink heuvelachtig en constant langs verschillende meertjes/meren. Zo hier en daar even stoppen voor foto’s op idyllische plekjes. Want stel je voor dat ik zo’n mooie herinnering straks aan de muur wil hebben.

Om een uur of drie waren we op plek van bestemming, in het vooraf geboekte motel. Prima plek, niks mis mee. Even wat zitten, online gaan en plannen maken. Want morgen moet het gebeuren, de natuur in. Maar vandaag moest er ook nog gegeten worden (Pizza @ de local Family Restaurant & Pizza), drank ingeslagen worden en nog even rondrijden (want in de verte zagen we nog weer een meertje).

Tegen half negen waren we terug in het motel. Ik keek nog even naar buiten en o, o, o, wat ging die zon mooi onder. Tegenover ons motel ligt Hunter Bay en natuurlijk kon ik het niet laten om nog even met de Nikon op pad te gaan. Roos bleef op de kamer even wat Netflixen op de mobiel.

Maar behalve een prachtige zonsondergang heeft ze nog wat moois gemist. Mijn ‘close encounter with a deer’. Ik zou net terug gaan en draaide nog even om en daar kwam een hert aangelopen. Hij keek nog even om het hoekje naar me en liep rustig door. Gelukkig nog wel even geposeerd voor. Man, wat mooi. Voor de dierenliefhebbers, ik heb hem slechts geschoten met de Nikon.

Net toen ik verder wilde gaan kwam er nog een verrassing. Een trein…. En da’s toch wat anders dan (sorry Asjhok) het boemeltje van stad naar Roodeschool. Helaas was het maar een korte trein en die moest slechts even rangeren, maar toch…. Dus toen ik uiteindelijk terug was had ik wel een Molson Canadian verdiend. Proost…



Time to study

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Have my both phones working now, had to create a card helder for a micro-simcard.

Now studying on the last lyrics
from “Wrecking Ball”.


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My Springsteen Dreamlist

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Here is the list of Springsteen songs i hope he’s playing @ the Pinkpop festival on monday may 28th.  I know there’s a big chance he’s gonna play at least two of them (from setlists from the recent Spanish and German concerts. The first song on the list (Factory) i’ve heard them performing live in 1999 in Arnhem. I was totally surprised then to hear that song.

The first time i heard that song (and i didn’t know then it was a Springsteen song) was somewhere in the last years from the 80’s by the a-capella band The Flying Pickets. That version then already had a huge impact on me. Years later when i found out it was a Bruce-written song (from Darkness) it didn’t surprise me at all he wrote it, cause it’s a typical Bruce song.

That concert in Arnhem was for my wife the first “Boss” concert ever.  She came with me because she knew how much i liked it. But after she heard them performing “Working on the Highway” she was fan too. And most of all she was fan from The Big Man Clarence Clemons. So that’s some reasons i hope he’s playing that song. And from his last album i really love “Jack of all trades”.


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After two years of doing a very good job, i changed my HTC Desire for a (brand new) HTC ONE X. Last weekend i went to Groningen with my daughter Rosalie, she should help me picking a new phone. The main reason i wanted a new phone was the battery. Plugging into a socket every 6 hours drove me slightly mad. The other reason was the warning “out of memory”.

I’m working with a few basic apps (FourSquare, Tweetdeck, Path, Google Talk, Google+, Hipster, Spotify and a few more) but i’m always looking for new ones to make life easier. But the internal memory didn’t allow me to try out those apps for a long time.

So we went (for a lunch @ McD offcourse) and saw the Samsung Note Galaxy and the HTC ONE X. To make a long story  short, my daughter’s favorite  was the Samsung, i preferred the HTC.  And (unfortunately for my daughter) i picked the HTC.

And after one week of working (well actually playing) with it, i don’t regret. My hand is just big enough to hold him, and he’s very very fast. Lots of internal memory and the looks are gorgeous. And this weekend i’m taking him for “his first big job”. When we’re going to the Pinkpop festival (only the last day) i’m keeping you up to date in many ways. Not just on this site, but also on Twitter, FB and other ways.

But i’m gonna bring the Desire too. Battery duration is still bad. And i wanna be sure i can make video’s and pics from Bruce Springsteen & the E Street band. Even when i’m dancing in the dark on those Glory Days.

Going home.

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Going home

TGIF. Specially this weekend. Two more days untill my first Pinkpop experience.

I’m gonna use my old phone (HTC Desire) and this new one to report that day. Follow me.

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Fun in Alanya.

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I found a WiFi connection @ our appartement. Twitter works, Google Talk with my brother in Canada and all the other stuff works good. So, in the next few days i’ll try some other apps. We’re having a good time here, very hot, although we had some rain yesterday.

For dinner we had real good local food. And when we strolled in Downtown Alanya, i discoverd the first McDonalds here. So we are, as i mentioned, having a good time.

See you.

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IAMHEREIAM.COM worldtour vol.2

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Within a couple of days i’m going for a short trip to Turkye, enjoying the warm weather overthere. Another possibility for me to test if my Android-phone does the job in Alanya aswell. Don’t know how it turns out, but where ever i can get online on a wifi hotspot, i’ll try to get connected to my site.  So, interested friends and Android-Nerds, follow me for part 2 of the IAMHEREIAM worldtour vol.2.

I’ll show you where my feet will be or @ which McDonalds by Big Mac is served. Ciao.

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For my trip to Canada (seems lightyears ago now)  i designed a t-shirt. This shirt titled “Worldtour 2010” was fabricated @ the Astraat location from RCG (the company I’m working for).

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London Calling; Live in Hyde Park.

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Instead of being bored with all the “Oranje” stuff on the radio i’ve been listening to Bruce Springsteen all day. This week i bought the DVD “London Calling; Live in Hyde Park”. A fantastic DVD from a great performance from the Working on a dream tour last year. The Boss and the E Street Band are having so much energy, it bursts right out of your TV.

I bought the DVD for my brother in Canada, and this week i bought it for myself. It’s a present that makes you happy.

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The end of worldtour 2010.

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Almost there. Metcalfe, Ottawa, New York, Amsterdam, Groningen. 30 km. to go. These are my feet @ train near Groningen.

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