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For my trip to Canada (seems lightyears ago now)  i designed a t-shirt. This shirt titled “Worldtour 2010” was fabricated @ the Astraat location from RCG (the company I’m working for).

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I see the plain!

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This is the plain that takes me to NY.

My Location: 1118 Haarlemmermeer Nederland N 52,31277°, E 04,75711°

At the horse_show

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My Location: Oude Tilsterweg 2-8 9981 Uithuizen Nederland N 53,40208°, E 06,67052°

What is this about?

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Yes, this is the first post on the new site “I Am Here I”. I recently bought a new mobile phone, the HTC Desire. This is not just a phone, but it’s becoming my everything. I keep telling myself i can live without it, but i’m not that sure anymore.

My new mobile phoneIt’s an Android based phone. That’s an OS where lots of Google things are integrated in. Offcourse GMail, Maps, Earth, Talk and Buzz, but with Google Calendar its a way to store my appointments as well in the phone as well on the computer/laptop. But Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other social networks are getting real close with my HTC.

I’m not gonna bother you with lots of technical things on what else i can do with that phone except calling and sending text-messages. But my phone and my upcoming trip to Canada made me think of an experiment. And you’re reading it now.

Whether you are interested in my well-being and the trip to Canada, or you’re nerdish/geekish like “moi”, this is the place to follow “Stoet” all over the world. I’m gonna find out how many apps/progs/site’s/networks can be integrated in this sit the next days/monts/years. For now, this is the end of the first post. And oh yeah, excuse me for my poor English. I’m Dutch.

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