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For my trip to Canada (seems lightyears ago now)  i designed a t-shirt. This shirt titled “Worldtour 2010” was fabricated @ the Astraat location from RCG (the company I’m working for).

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My feet in the air.

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Now somewhere half way between Canada and Ireland, above the Atlantic. Dark outside and in the plane almost everyone to sleep. In Metcalfe its 21.37, in my hometown it’s 3.37 and there’s 3.14 hrs. left to fly. Bruce sings “the River” to me.

Trying to get some sleep, but i’m not tired enough. Just keep on going. CU.

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@ the airport.

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Just passed the passport-control, now spending my last canada dollars. Can’t edit on my phone “my feet @” page, but they are now on MacDonald-Cartier airport, Ottawa, ontario, Canada.

Waiting for the plane that takes me to Newark, New York.

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I’m leaving on a Jetplane.

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This was where the wedding was last saturday.

Just 40 minutes, then they’re gonna take me to the airport. If ican find a free WiFi hotspot (i’ve got to wait for my connection-flight in New York, enough time to try) i’ll let you know where i am. And else, i’ll be back home tomorrow around noon (Dutch Time). Had a wonderfull time and bringing around 5.5 Gb pictures back home.  For the people that watch the game, good luck.

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My Feet @

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Check out where my feet have been.

Check out my new page ” My feet @” in the menu on top.

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With every wish comes a curse.

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So, first the answer on my yesterdays quiz. No Bert, i wasn’t making the silhouette of the roadrunner. It was the testdrive for todays Big Job. Mowing the Lawn. Something i always wanted to do, mowing it on a little tractor. Oh yes, a dream came true. It was so nice to do. The worst part of it was i had to do the sides with a small handmachine.  I know, with every wish comes a curse. » Lees meer

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Biking through Ottawa.

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On wednesday june 23rd i made the trip through Ottawa on a bike. This trip i used as appointment to let my cnephew in Canada know that i was coming his wedding. And i used the apps “My Tracks” on my HTC Desire to track the entire tour. » Lees meer

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A shocking experience

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Unfortunately, i couldn’t make a Foursquare Spot. ‘Cause just as i uploaded the article “Connected to the world” the entire building where i was started shaking. It was for about 8 to 10 seconds i guess, and it sounded like a huge locomotive was driving under the parking garage.

All the people in the Apple store behind me came out and wondered what had happened.  But because i’m not familiar in the shopping mall (or “I wasn’t famous around there”) i didn’t realize what was happening right away. But my sister and sister in law who were on the moment @ starbucks saw lots of people running to the exit, and decided to follow the crowd, leaving her cup of coffee for what is was worth.

At the moment we met each other i realized i just survived my first 5.5 earthquake (later we were told it was just 5.0 on the richter-scale). Except a light panic nothing really happened.  I read in the newspaper today that lots of people had been thinking of the same train thing as i did.

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Connected to the world.

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As i wrote earlier today, as soon i found an open connectie i would let you know. And here in downtown Ottawa in front of an Apple-store, i found it. So i uploaded some stuff, made some tweets and wrote this article. I’ll show in the picture there i am, and i’ll try to make an Foursquare spot.

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Ah, vacation.

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My brother, my sister and me

So, here’s my first post from Canada. Unfortunately my Android isn’t supporting me as i had hoped for. Can’t hardly connect to any open WiFi network, and the closed network at my brothers house won’t accept me. I’m taking pictures all over, using the apps ” here i am” and “on the road to”. They make mails/articles for me, but it’s impossible to send them. But i keep on trying. Here is the track from Montreal Airport to Metcalfe from last monday. Zoom in on the beginning from the trip. Derek knew his way around the airport.

It’s wednesday-morning now, 10 o’clock, and within an hour we’re leaving for Ottawa. “We” are Diane (sister in law) Stoppels, Dia(sister) Stoppels and me. We’re gonna have lunch with my brother, gonna do some shopping and then they take me to the third D (Derek) Stoppels.

Derek, his wife Kara and me gonna make a bike tour through Ottawa. Probably it’s gonna be a bike ride along the Canal. Starting point will be Dow’s Lake and we’l try to make it all the way down to the centre of Ottawa. In the Wintertime the Canal is world’s largest skating rink (they claim).

But we also will plan some time for a drink (or two) along the way. I’m gonna record the track with my phone (apps ” My Tracks”) and will show it soon here on i am here i am.com.

The wheather forecast is perfect, it’s gonna be around 29 degrees.

And tonight at 9 o’clock we’ll see Max Weinberg (drummer from the E-street Band) and his Big Band playing @ the Confederation Park in Ottawa, the opening act from the Ottawa Jazz Festival. Whenever i can connect to an open network, i’ll show you where i am.

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