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A shocking experience

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Unfortunately, i couldn’t make a Foursquare Spot. ‘Cause just as i uploaded the article “Connected to the world” the entire building where i was started shaking. It was for about 8 to 10 seconds i guess, and it sounded like a huge locomotive was driving under the parking garage.

All the people in the Apple store behind me came out and wondered what had happened.  But because i’m not familiar in the shopping mall (or “I wasn’t famous around there”) i didn’t realize what was happening right away. But my sister and sister in law who were on the moment @ starbucks saw lots of people running to the exit, and decided to follow the crowd, leaving her cup of coffee for what is was worth.

At the moment we met each other i realized i just survived my first 5.5 earthquake (later we were told it was just 5.0 on the richter-scale). Except a light panic nothing really happened.  I read in the newspaper today that lots of people had been thinking of the same train thing as i did.

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