Posted by on 26/05/2012

After two years of doing a very good job, i changed my HTC Desire for a (brand new) HTC ONE X. Last weekend i went to Groningen with my daughter Rosalie, she should help me picking a new phone. The main reason i wanted a new phone was the battery. Plugging into a socket every 6 hours drove me slightly mad. The other reason was the warning “out of memory”.

I’m working with a few basic apps (FourSquare, Tweetdeck, Path, Google Talk, Google+, Hipster, Spotify and a few more) but i’m always looking for new ones to make life easier. But the internal memory didn’t allow me to try out those apps for a long time.

So we went (for a lunch @ McD offcourse) and saw the Samsung Note Galaxy and the HTC ONE X. To make a long story  short, my daughter’s favorite  was the Samsung, i preferred the HTC.  And (unfortunately for my daughter) i picked the HTC.

And after one week of working (well actually playing) with it, i don’t regret. My hand is just big enough to hold him, and he’s very very fast. Lots of internal memory and the looks are gorgeous. And this weekend i’m taking him for “his first big job”. When we’re going to the Pinkpop festival (only the last day) i’m keeping you up to date in many ways. Not just on this site, but also on Twitter, FB and other ways.

But i’m gonna bring the Desire too. Battery duration is still bad. And i wanna be sure i can make video’s and pics from Bruce Springsteen & the E Street band. Even when i’m dancing in the dark on those Glory Days.

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